September 24

Unavailable Guys: How To Overcome This Self-Sabotaging Pattern


Do not engage with someone that it is not available. PERIOD.

Whatever the reason may be: has a girlfriend, is confused, lives far away, does not have the time, love is not a priority, is afraid or wants to be 100% certain how things will be with you before making a move.

I can tell you flat out, this person came into your life as a teacher, as a reminder and a mirror.

Do you know what you want? – YES.
Are you clear about what you deserve? – YES.

Well, then the first thing you should identify in a guy is if he also knows and is aware of what he wants and it is not afraid to jump and go for it.

Is he like this? – NO.

Then, do not engage. Period.

But he is so cute, he always walks me home, and the other day he helped me move and took me to these cool places, so nice and blah blah blah. So ok, he does these kind things because he is attracted to you, but if he is not making a decision by himself, that you are the person he now wants to be with regardless of work, language or the chain of changes that this will represent and adjustments in his life for this to happen or whatever nonsense, then he is just not that into you.

He moves by fear, not by love.

Harsh but true. 

As long as you are ruminating on a relationship that didn’t work out,

you are now becoming a vibrational match. 

Become a vibrational match of what you want to attract instead.

He needs certainty, he needs to know what is going to happen before his next move. Would you like to be in a relationship with someone like this? Really?, that probably after 2-3 years he might feel not so much into you anymore but since he does not know for sure how life would be alone or with someone else, it’s better to stay put to what he is accustomed …. Mmm hell no!

I do not want to be with this kind of person ever again and definitely do not want this kind of person by my side.

I would really love him to know from his heart space, what is it that he really really wants.


So if this is the case, my friend, RUN, run emotionally, be a friend, hang out, whatever you feel you can handle, but run with your feelings in a golden basket, as the treasure they are, because

you are too good if you have to convince someone to love you.

Please read that again, until it sits and stays with you.

Make it a goal for yourself not to engage with someone that is not available, whatever the reason.

Respect and give yourself the love you deserve, before anything else.

And let it go.

If its meant to be, he will gravitate towards you on divine time.


But… I love him!

So, love him.

But… I miss him!

So, miss him.

Send him love and light every time you think about him, then drop it!

If you clear out all that space you are using to obsess about this guy, you will have an open spot, a doorway.. and guess what, the universe will do with the doorway? It will rush in and fill you with more love than you ever dreamed.

So, stop using him to block that door.

Let it go!

From Eat, Pray, Love

Just bring your awareness to those moments where you felt so in love…

Did you need convincing?



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