Always be yourself. Never hide who you are.

by Nahdin Sabla

Sunfired RA Certification Day 1

I am in the “Nanni Raw” journey for a while now, bringing to consciousness and becoming aware of all the introjections I absorbed in my childhood, wildly unlearning basically everything I was made believe about myself, the world, how life should be, what life is, and so forth.

It is fascinating how the introjections manifest and the intense unexplainable barrier they represent for you to fully embrace yourself. As I child I was told that my features are not delicate as female should have, that I was ugly,  it’s so sad that I look exactly like my dad and not as my beautiful mother. That it was not ok for me to get attention, that I should always remain small, sit straight with your legs closed, only talk when spoken to, dress and behave like a lady. 

Since I was constantly defying the command to behave like a lady, I’ve always thought of myself as a tomboy, which I am actually not…

I am not willing to live my life under the spell of introjections no more. 

I am beautiful.

I choose to be big and take the space I need to expand and be. 

I choose to shine my light even if I blind you (wear sunglasses please).

I choose to get all the attention I need and deserve to thrive in all areas of my life.

I choose to behave like myself always.

I choose to let go of others ideas that I  unconsciously adopted.

I see them and I let them go.

Es así, porque esta hecho.


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