What is a Raw Vegan?

by Nahdin Sabla

The first important thing to know is that Raw Veganism is not just a diet, it’s a Wholistic approach to body nourishment. It’s really a lifestyle that encompasses all aspects of your being: body, mind and soul.

Meaning, from the clothes that you wear, to the thoughts that you give energy to, you attention and intention, the businesses you support, the bed where you sleep, the house you live in, your spiritual practices. Literally Everything. It’s really walking the path of personal responsibility for ones own life.

Eating raw foods means 

That we do not use fire or heat to cook them, we accept them as nature provided them to us, cooked by the amazing energy of Papa Sun, until they were ripe and ready to eat directly from the trees. 

Because, when we  remove the life force from within a food by raising the internal and external temperatures above a certain degree for an extended period of time. Aka cooking, We are actually destroying all living cells within any food. It will no longer be the natural, energy pulsating, nourishing, the life giving substance it once was. 

And It Makes sense right? the sun gives all his energy to the fruits until they are ripe, and then we go and heat them up and all that precious sun energy is gone, puff, is cooked away.

This is because Cooking does not improve the nutritional value of food. It actually destroys it or makes 85% of the original nutrients unavailable. Cooked food is totally lacking in enzymes, most of the protein has been destroyed or converted to new forms which are either not digestible by body enzymes or digested with difficulty and many of the vitamins have lost their vitality.  For example, To purchase organic food and then waste precious hours in destroying most of the nutrients is really poor economy.

So by now you might be wandering...

What do Raw Vegans Eat?

A raw vegan diet is based on fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. 

Nuts and seeds need to be activated, we bring them back to life by soaking nuts and sprouting seeds.

But The aim of raw food eaters is to live in a natural environment on a diet of fruit alone.

Wait, why?

Because Fruit is the only food that is genuinely given, thus karmically free and thus the only food that is truly compatible with a universe whose fundamental principal and driving force is one of love. And Because When we eat raw, it transfers it’s life giving force to our bodies.

So, let's explore now

What Raw vegans Do not Consume:

First of all, No violence, no animal products whatsoever, including honey.

Because by eating the flesh of another, we are effectively turning our body into the grave of another. 

All beings tremble before violence, all fear death and love life.

And The violence and misery experienced by a murdered animal will be metaphysically transferred to the flesh-eater during his own lifetime.

This means you simply refrain from eating meat, dairy, and eggs, alongs with extracts of them. 

Also, You must give up processed foods. ALL OF THEM

You should Aim to eliminate all of the things from your life that are depleting your vitality.

Including: Beauty products, chemical and pharmaceutical drugs, Petroleum based clothing aka polyester and so Forth.

The ultimate goal of ethics is to refrain from all wrong doing and harm. To Live with Deep Respect for Mama Earth our pachamamita, yourself, and others around you while abiding by natures laws.

Because When you eat poor quality foods, you do not show respect for yourself. When you eat meat and consume eggs and/or dairy, you do not show respect for earth, or the other creatures who live on it.

We really need to begin to understand that our diet shapes the wold that we live in, that we collectively create.

But If you are in need of someone to take responsibility for your decisions in life

then this life style might not be for you and you can just continue to rely on suitable accredited professionals to justify your life decisions. Since the innate intelligence of the body , with its own inner physiological wisdom can alone be fully trusted to guide us towards our true individual nutritional needs at any given moment in time.

You just need to Try feeling your body, know the rules of your stomach and abide by them, do not imitate others because they seem fine or like they can handle crazy food combinations.


We have a duty also to educate ourselves and refrain from practices that harm our own physiological well-being. We must treat ourselves, our own bodies, as ethically and best we are able. It is our duty to guide and love ourselves, to understand that our bodies are not ours to abuse, but to maintain, nurture and cherish, and use as examples to sway and influence others positively. 

For me personally

The steps from omnivore to vegetarian, vegetarian to vegan, vegan to raw vegan, were taken for precisely these reasons. A strong inner desire to improve one's health and consequently life, happiness, and longevity, for me especially longevity, I don’t want to get old and not be able to go the toilet on my own.

I want to be constantly Youthing.

But also because I deeply understood that I have to BE the change I want to see in the world.

I alone cannot change society for the better, but I can radically transform my own consciousness that limits my potential. We can all do this, one by one. Over time we can change ourselves to the degree that society changes from the inside out, giving birth to a new way of being. Manifesting our birthright of living in a peaceful and abundant world. 

So tell me

Are you willing to walk the path of personal responsibility?

Are you willing to leave everything you know to find the truth of who you really are?

Remember that by believing patiently in something that still doesn’t exist, we create it.

Be good to yourself, be honest to yourself, and always be true to yourself.

And most importantly Go at your own pace, its your journey.

Let your spirit rise upwards with your meals 


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