Sunfired RAW FOODS Certification Day 6

by Nahdin Sabla

On our final day together we had the joy to have a Raw Food Feast 🍴after our juice fast yesterday. Today we get to eat everything we prepared yesterday, we just had to make a fresh green salad to go with 🙌🏽😋

To top it up we also made:

• 🥥coconut 🍌banana 🍪cacao cookies.

• Decoded the raw version of truffles 🍄

• And made the deliciously famous Paradise Pie 🥧 uuuffff Cerrando con broche de oro 😍

Thank you for everything Aris, the impact of your presence in our lives you have completely change our lives, minds and souls. Thank you for existing and being who you are. We love you always! 

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