Sunfired RAW FOODS Certification Day 4

by Nahdin Sabla

Fasted for most of the morning 

Then had a pretty intense inner shower:

A big shot of noni juice 😖 Followed by pineapple coconut juice 🍍🥥

Prepared our juice feast for tomorrow:

🍉Watermelon juice,Passion fruit, Ginger, Mint, 🍊Orange, 🍋Lemon, Melon.

Made a shot of: 

Ginger, lemon, mint, passion fruit

And then 🍉Melon Watermelon  to cool it down. 

For lunch we had a sandwich with linsen crackers, cashew cheese, 🍅tomatoes, 🥑avocado and 🥬lettuce.

Followed by a Veggie juice:

🥕Carrots, golden beeets, 🥒cucumber, Beth root, 🥥coconut water

For dinner we made a pizza:

This time with sesame cheese,Tons of veggies, and an exquisite Marinara sauce with capers. 😋

Kale Chips

Bufalo Aubergine

Aris was dropping knowledge by the second everyday, we are very thankful for him sharing his wisdom and experiences with us. 

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