Sunfired RAW FOODS Certification Day 2

by Nahdin Sabla

I woke up to a clean face, no pimples.

We had coco 🥥 water for breakfast with lemon 🍋 .

I had a morning/midday healing crisis, felt a bit dizzy and like I need to lay down, but was all good afterward I did.

For breakfast we made A delicious fruit salad: papaya, kiwi🥝, strawberries🍓, apple🍏, cherry🍒 + coconut 🥥cream.

Made a nut milk:

Brazil nuts, dates, vanilla bean, banana 🍌and 🥥coconut water. Absolutely delicious.😋

For lunch:

Plantain 🍌seaweed curry, absolutely delicious. 

Made all the dehydrator preparations;

Pie crust, pizza crust, crackers, burger buns.

For dinner we had Prune Coconut juice just before bed.

I was very bloated at night (big belly) but felt on point with tons of energy, fit to continue, but decided to go to bed anyways.

Got some pimples by the end of the day. I let all The toxins go, bye bye 👋🏽 

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