February 1

Nanni goes RAW VEGAN in 2021


Sunfired RA Certification Day 1

NanniRaw finally goes into Sunfired RA Cuisine with the one and only Dr. Aris Latham, Master Food Scientist. Originator of Sunfired Electric/Magnetic Stove-less CuisineArts and Paradise Pies. Acclaimed “Father of Ethical Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine” by the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America.

Four years ago I decided that my life was not worth living if I didn’t allow myself to be 100% RAW in all aspects of my life, and automatically my life changed completely.

I quit my job and put my career as a fashion designer on hold, cut (oh so many) toxic friendships, acquaintances, old loves, and family members, moved to another continent, and worked hard on detoxing my mind of old programming every day through psychotherapy, allowing myself more and more to be unapologetically me, to become NANNI RAW.

In June 2017 I found myself in Washington DC waiting for my work visa for Switzerland, the waiting time was unknown so while I waited I decided to work as a cook at a vegan bakery where I met my lovely friend Ekram, she invited me to have lunch at this beautiful place that had the most deliciously healthy foods: Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar. The food was absolutely delicious and the best part of it was that I could order a fresh coconut and drink it right there. I fell in love with the food and talking to the stuff I found out that Khepra actually does retreats and teaches how to prepare raw foods. I took a flyer and decided this was the next step in my detoxing journey. I was vegetarian for a year and a half, and recently transition to veganism, so I needed a new goal and this was it.

From that moment his flyer became part of my vision board and spire me to learn more about raw foods and investigate the subject. Soon enough Khepra announced that he was doing a retreat with his raw foods teacher and that is how I found out about Dr. Aris Latham. I was automatically blown away by his wisdom and the organic way he delivers it, plus 50+ years of raw foods experience. He has so much information online it’s amazing how much his experience made me realize the artificial world that we live in and that there is nothing more precious than to live in an extremely expensive well nourish deeply loved and respected body. My body. My temple. My home. I read all the books he recommended from Survival in the 21st century – Viktoras Kulvinskas to Mans Higher Consciousness – Hilton Hotema. I vibe deeply with the lifestyle.

Since 2017 I have had the wish to take the step forward and transition to raw foods but living in Switzerland, work, culture, and society sure makes it really hard. I expressed my wish to my boyfriend, tried to make him a little bit interested, and even forced him to watch Raw Foods videos but nothing seems to work, the only thing that work was my determination. Look, baby! I want this and I am doing it, it is what I want the most in the world, just know that this is where I am going… soon the retreat became something he wanted to come with, and with him onboard the SUNFIRED RA CUISINE experience manifested into existence.

And here we are at Day 1.

The day started with Yoga at 5 am under the moonlight and delicious fresh cold air. Before heading to the market we drank our internal rising shower: a noni juice shot (intense) followed by coconut water.

At 6 am headed to the market to get fresh produce of all that we could not get organic. It’s so important to know what to buy, how to ask for it, the fair price and how much of it you need every week. Going frequently to the market gives you the street smarts.

Discovering organic produce is such an enriching experience and exciting experience.

The first task of the day, learn how to cut a pineapple waste free. Normally tons of meat is wasted by peeling and more than half of the pineapple is wasted by throwing away the core when you can also juice it.

What do you need to prepare Raw Foods? Not even a kitchen, basically a table and running water. That’s it.

We juiced, blend, processed, learn, and enjoyed every new delicious and exotic veggie and fruit on the table. For lunch, we had a salad with a nutmeat.

The great discovery of the day was Zucchini Flowers, blended with pineapple juice uuuuffff.

By dinner time I got my mini elimination crisis, felt a bit dizzy and low energy, but after a:: jackfruit sunflower pesto nori roll:: we had for dinner I felt sooo good. Absolutely delicious. 😋

It’s so amazing to me how fast the body starts to get rid of all the toxic, as soon as you nourish it with the goods of Mama Earth and nothing else. I feel so blessed and grateful for having manifested this experience into our lives, It’s been on my vision board since 2017 and it has materialized beyond my expectations and wildest imagination.

Thank you Aris for being here, we love & appreciate you. Blessings to you always.

Thank you love Kris for joining my crazy-ass on this healing journey and for growing and healing together.


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What is a Raw Vegan?

What is a Raw Vegan?
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