How I became Nanni Raw: A Raw Vegan Journey

by Nahdin Sabla

Peace everyone, it's Nanni from Nanni raw, My full name is Nahdin Sabla, I am 33 years old, originally from Lima, Peru and currently living by the Pacific Ocean side in Panamá.

In January 2021 I transitioned to a Raw Vegan Diet from a long journey of being vegetarian for a year and a half, and vegan for four years not entirely plant-based. As I currently am.

I learned about Raw Living Foods back in 2017 and I immediately feel in love with the concept, it resonated deep within me because along with my spiritual awakening I came to understand that whatever I allow into my life, I am. Say relationships, men, situations, acquaintances, friends, words, energy, and of course food.

Since that moment I decided to honor myself and stop living for my family, my culture or public opinion and started to change my life completely to truly honour and respect myself and never settle for less than I deserve, plus tax baby. 

How did I get here?

I played by society's rules, got myself up the ladder in the rat race, and reached my professional ceiling, which looked pretty much like success, A young Peruvian Fashion Designer working at a Fashion House in Switzerland… that sounds pretty much like I made it, right? Truth is I was so unbelievably unhappy, but dismissed all the signs,  because you know I should be happy… So I basically reach rock button while suffering from mobbing at work, experienced a burn out that lead me to a panic attack and ended up quitting my “dream job”, and when that happened it was like a card castle falling down, My body said no more and as I had ended the toxic relationship with my job, all the others had to follow.

Cutting off all the Toxic from my Life

I cut all the toxic from life since that moment including my toxic self, I cut contact with all the toxic members of my family, so basically all Of them, then friends and decided to move from Switzerland to the tropics because a life without sun was making me sad, so I was actively detoxing my mind and spirit at that point and I knew the next step was toxic-free foods, to go Raw Vegan since I had already become Nanni Raw I all other aspects of my life.

So even though I've been diving into raw foods wisdom from books and videos for the last three almost four years, I felt completely insecure and unable to take the leap and transition. I understood all the science and I had a pretty strong Why but felt completely lost when it came to actually knowing what to do, what should and shouldn’t eat, what are the best replacements and how to create a balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins while detoxing the body. 

The thing with going Raw

Is that your whole eating organization and planning system changes completely because everything needs a plan, nuts and seed should be soaked for at least 12 hours, legumes need to be sprouted for 3 days prior to preparation and consumption, to dehydrate takes at least 8 hours or more… so you will never be able again to just allow yourself be hungry and grab something quick or open a package of vegan cookies and eat them. Plus the tools of the game have changed too, you need to learn what fruits and veggies are available to you, and what are the possibilities with them, how to combine them, what you can make out of them according to your desires and needs and get into a rhythm that you always have delicious foods ready in your kitchen, specially at the beginning of your journey.

So this January 2021 I participated in a

Sunfired Ra Food Certification Course

with not other than the Father of Raw Foods Dr. Aris Latham, it was a priceless experience that impacted my life deeply because it provided me with the tools and know-how that I was lacking to start my raw vegan journey of feasting fasting and healing through raw living foods and eating in harmony to the rhythms of nature, the sun, the moon, the days of the week, the seasons and my menstrual cycle.

So this is where I am, as of today I've been 8 months eating only Raw plant-based Living Foods and I want to share with you my journey as it is unfolding towards a wholistically Raw lifestyle, that encompasses all aspects of your being: body, mind, and soul. Diving deep into the mindset, planning, and organisation - the set and setting - towards becoming a creative genius thriving in a stoveless kitchen. 

I am so passionate about food because I came to the understanding that this Latin body is my home, my temple, and my castle, and like a turtle, it comes with me wherever I go in this planet, it allows me to be here and experience life.

This is why nutrition is the basis of all densification and ascension processes.

What are you feeding your life with?
What nourishes you?

Living just like eating, is a process of taking moments in - inhale, digesting - hold, and letting go that what we don’t need - exhale.

A good life is really a matter of how well you can digest, absorb, and transcend all the moments in it.

Who we are in the deepest part of our being, profoundly impacts the chemistry of our body.

To prepare my meals with the highest quality ingredients means the world to me personally, because I choose to live in an expensive body.

I want people to be able to feel their own bodies, to inhabit them, expand their awareness and actively choose a healthy lifestyle. A toxic-free one, and recognize that each part of their being encompasses the all.

I want you to take responsibility and sovereignty over your body.

And for that, there is nothing that I would like the most than to connect with you, honest, real, the Raw you, let me know in the comments.

Why has transitioning to a Raw vegan diet or a healthier one been a struggle for you?
What are your biggest frustrations when it comes to eating raw?
What do you think you could achieve if you accomplished the raw vegan lifestyle? 

I am deeply grateful for your time and attention.

I’ll talk to you soon.


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