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Dear Friend,

If you found this Page, then we either talked in person OR I was privately recommended to you by someone in your circle of acquaintances. 

Either way - You are here because you know what I do and what I can help you achieve.

And since you and I have had direct or indirect contact, and this is my site for "Family & Friends", I will gladly give you preference over any "outside applicants" if you accept this free offer:

Would you like me to help you create sustainable relationship success with a committed masculine man without power struggles, unhealthy boundaries or feeling unsafe…

... and completely FREE?

I've set aside some time in the next 48 Hours to talk to you personally about how we can Transform your current relationship into one were you feel safe, desired and loved.

During our Consultation we will work together to develop a Step-by-Step-Plan that you can use to shift your relationship dynamics to experience a new reality of your man, one where he is a strong masculine man who thrives by making you feel safe, loved and desired in his arms without pressure or burning yourself out. I'm so passionate about the work that i do that..

I'll even help you for free!

And don't worry, I have no intention of wasting your time - quite the opposite. I'm so  confident I can help you that here's what I'm offering...

My Promise:

From our Consulting call you'll start releasing and radiating your Feminine Magnetizing Energy by applying Feminine Embodiment Alchemy Tools, you'll start shedding limiting believes and realizing a new way of being, leaving behind that lonely place of isolation, where you burn yourself out by being the boss of everything, secretly feeling like you'll ¨break¨ if you relax and let go for even a second. 

If after our conversation you don't see how it should be possible for you to Create Sustainable Relationship Success with a Committed Masculine Man, then I will immediately send you 200,- USD as compensation for your "wasted time"

Warning: This isn't for everyone!

  • You are a financially successful woman that is in an unfulfilling relationship with a man that relies on your motivation to plan and take action.
  • You are ready to change deep believes, open to rediscover and redesign your own version of success, to do whatever it takes (tried it all and nothing seems to work) Want a solution now and for good.
  • You don't have a relationship with your womb, yoni, vagina and menstrual cycle. Honestly, you don't even understand it and wish it will just go away.
  • You feel pressured to succeed in all roles - professionally and at home - leaving you stuck on a vicious cycle of hustling and burning out that never stops.
  • You are a financially successful woman that wants to create a powerful relationship with a strong committed masculine man that you can trust and rely on, who thrives being a provider and protect, and loves to hold space for you where you can relax in his arms.

If you recognize yourself in those statements then click on the button below!

I am looking forward to meeting you in person soon!

- Nahdin -


Feminine Embodiment Coach 

Nahdin Sabla

holistic approach
to fashion detox

I’ve created a SELF-AWARENESS SCHOOL FOR ALL OF US THAT WEAR CLOTHES that sheds light on the health risk of toxic chemicals in our clothing, helps you recognise your values and priorities in life, and by the combination of both, gives you the AWARENESS to decide for yourself what is intuitively important according to the life you want to create.