I share my healing journey towards
a Raw Vegan diet

Focused on providing a step by step guide of the mindset, planning, & organization

To become a creative genius
thriving in a stoveless kitchen

I know that changing your lifestyle takes courage and a lot of energy that’s why I am here to make the transition smooth and simple for you. 

Follow my day-to-day adventures as a raw vegan blossoming in the tropics.

Everyday Stories of

my Raw Kitchen.

Going Raw requires a deep understanding of human nature,
food science, & most importantly
a strong WHY.

Even though I have been diving deep into Raw Wisdom since 2017 I was not able to transition until 2021 because everytime I walked into my kitchen I was clueless on what to do.


Now with the acquired tools and know-how, I want to share with you my healing journey as it is unfolding.


Letters from me to you, every week or so, sharing my latest
raw recipe creation and stoveless kitchen guides!

Raw food creation

The best version of yourself manifests

nahdin sabla

I’m all about authenticity, to embody WHO I REALLY AM in all aspects of my beating – body, mind & soul – that is what makes me NANNI RAW.


I love diving deep into shadow work and get excited every time that I find something to work on. I love growth. 


I bloom while practicing a deeper connection to my higher self (my inner child) and manifest the sacred feminine goddess that I am.


Because of this, I am passionate about my healing journey towards a toxic-free lifestyle.

A Toxic Free Wholistic Lifestyle

I turned myself into my own wholistic nutritional source

Toxic-Free Foods

Nourishing my temple with live Plant based foods.

Spiritual Practice

to be myself. to know myself. to be who i really am.

My Healing Process

Toxic-People Free, mentally and emotionally free.

Conscious Fashion

Toxic-Free Clothes. Self-Awareness school for clothes wearers.

The Raw Journey begins : Introduction to Sunfired Raw Foods

holistic approach
to fashion detox

I’ve created a SELF-AWARENESS SCHOOL FOR ALL OF US THAT WEAR CLOTHES that sheds light on the health risk of toxic chemicals in our clothing, helps you recognise your values and priorities in life, and by the combination of both, gives you the AWARENESS to decide for yourself what is intuitively important according to the life you want to create.